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New Builds and Housing Demand in Denver

Denver's New Builds Can't Meet Housing DemandBy: Axios Denver: Carly Mallenbaum, Sami SparberDenver homes are popping up and selling quickly, but supply still can't match demand.Why it matters: 

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Housing Affordability and Modular Construction

How Modular Construction Could Ease Colorado’s Housing Affordability Crisis in 2023With Colorado facing a housing affordability crisis, offsite and modular construction may provide a solution

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Real Deals Uncovered Podcast!

Increase Your Real Estate Knowledge With Us!Real Deals Uncovered is for anyone interested in learning more about real estate, buying and selling property, real estate investing, developing and

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Real Deals Uncovered Episode 1

See Your Home Before It's Built!Building a new home is an exciting time for home owners.  It can also be an extrememly frustrating time.  Not all of us have the ability to truely see what

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